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motMOT Testing

mot-testingThe annual Ministry of Transport (MoT) test is a legal requirement for any car older than three years old. It tests vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions.

Beware of the Cheap MOT

Our MOT Tests are priced to get you back on the road, unlike cheaper tests designed to get you through the door to pay a huge repair bill.

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servicingScheduled Services & Checkups


It is of the utmost importance that your car goes through car servicing as many times as the manufacturer has advised. If you do not follow this rule, you will end up spending more in the long run as your car goes through breakdowns, excessive wear, and costly repairs. Plus, it could even be extremely dangerous in some cases.

From small fluid changes to full cam-belt services with a stamp in your book, call Tiburon Automotive first

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Oil ChangesOil & Fluid Changes

oil-changeChanging your oil and using the right oil will make your engine run smoother, and last longer. But oil isn’t the only fluid which needs checking regularly, clutch fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze should all be checked and replaced when required to ensure the long life and smooth running of your car.

Check it or Wreck it.

Remember, the oil light on most cars will only show when major damage has already been done, so either check your dipstick regularly or give us a call to check all your fluids for you.

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brakesBrake Services

brake-servicingOptimum braking is essential to ensure your car is safe, we can check and if needed replace brake pads,  brake shoes, brake discs and brake lines on all makes and model of car and van.

Ensure Your Car Stops When You Need Them

An emergency braking situation is a huge test of your braking system and, if your brakes are not 100% they can be the difference between life and death. Even if your brakes are working fine under normal driving conditions it doesn’t mean they will perform well when you really need them, we can test your braking performance to make sure they will perform when they are needed most.

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clutchClutch Services

clutch-servicingWe use only the best quality OEM quality clutch components when we replace replacing clutches on customers cars and never fit refurbished parts. We can change clutches on almost all makes and model of vehicles.

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suspensionSuspension Services

car-suspensionWe can replace all suspension components including springs, shock absorbers, linkages and bushes.

Instability Can Cause Accidents

Broken or badly adjusted suspension can turn a simple swerve to avoid a pothole into a serious flip and roll, we can check your suspension is in good order before it fails.

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tyresWheels & Tyres

tyre-servicesWe perform tyre replacement and balancing services at our Birmingham workshop.

Poor Tyre Condition Costs Lives

Aside from risking points on your licence, tyres with excessive wear or side wall damage can cost lives.

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batteryBattery & Electrical Services

electricalFrom batteries to bulbs we provide a full electrical service for your car,  we can trace faults, replace fuses and bulbs, and diagnose electronic engine faults at our Birmingham workshop.

Trouble Starting Your Car in the Mornings?

You can avoid car trouble in the mornings by booking in your car for a battery and electrical check, we’ll check your battery and alternator condition to avoid waking up to a dead battery.

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diagnosticsDiagnostic Services

diagnosticsWe are experienced automotive engineers so even if you don’t know what’s wrong with your car, chances are, seeing the symptoms we’ll have a good idea where to look to quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

Engine Warning Light Diagnosis

We have the equipment and computers to read fault codes registered on your car’s computer (ECU) and once the problem has been rectified, we will clear the code for you.

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