Hyundai Street Concepts

We love Hyundai, particularly the Hyundai Coupé. We’ve not only owned, modified and driven every make of Hyundai Coupé, we’ve helped thousands of owners get the most out of their Coupé ownership. We are also recommended by and play an active roll in the UK Hyundai owners clubs.



The Ultimate in Specialist Hyundai Services

We have all the specialist tools and equipment to diagnose and repair almost every problem with Hyundai cars and provide all our standard services at great rates including:

  • Hyundai Clutch Replacement
  • Hyundai Cam Belt Replacement
  • Hyundai Scheduled Services With Book Stamp
  • Hyundai Brake Replacement

We also provide the additional specialist services of

  • Body Control Module (BCM) Repairs/Replacement. Flashing, stuck indicator lights? Save yourself over £500)
  • 2002 V6 ECU code reading (Don’t believe the dealer, we can read and reset fault codes without ECU replacement)
  • Upgrade Planning (We can help you with your upgrade shopping by letting you know what parts will give you the best value in your car)
  • Custom Modifications (Want something new and unique? we would love to be involved!)